About Us

About Sapphire Paradise

How It Started

With a focus on discipline, performance, elegance, and uniqueness Sapphire Paradise was established by Rudolph J Shepherd, the company CEO. As a Military Veteran with a family heritage that hails from the beautiful island of Barbados and being a professional perfumer, Mr. Shepherd endeavored to bring his traveling adventures, professional experience, and family culture to homes around the world.

Our Journey

Sapphire Paradise LLC is a family owned and operated candle business that is based in Georgia, US. Our company is run by Rudolph J Shepherd, Raquel Shepherd (wife), Ra’Nia Shepherd (daughter), Joseph Shepherd (son), Jadon Shepherd (daughter), and Faith Shepherd (daughter). After launching his first successful perfume to market, Rudolph and his family began the journey of starting a candle business in September 2020. With the knowledge of perfuming at their CEO’s disposal and a combined effort of trial and error, a unique line of candle fragrances was born and continues to evolve.

Brand Name

Our name began with SP Fragrances. Our goal was to bring meaning to the letters SP that embodied the vision, purpose, and culture of the company’s founder. After multiple brainstorming sessions and family collaboration Sapphire Paradise was born.


Sapphire Paradise is committed to offering a variety of customizable candles and candle accessories. We strive to provide the highest quality items for gift giving and personal enjoyment.

Core Values

H- Honor- With a military foundation the words honor, courage, and commitment are always part of everything we do within our business.

O- Outstanding- We are always looking for the best ways to provide outstanding products and customer service that goes above and beyond expectation.

M- Memorable- Our goal is to provide a memorable experience from beginning to end.

E- Elevation- We aim to continuously reach new heights in every aspect of our company.